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It will soon be needed to retire my aging server - it is still an Intel Core2Duo doing hell of alot of workloads.
I am really looking at Ryzen 7 1700 which will need a AM4 mainboard. And here comes : what chipset and make would be a good for 24/7 use?

I'm struggling to get one of my friends on Mastodon. :-)
He used to try my instance for some time, didn't like it because he couldn't connect with people of similar - I admit it's hardly easy for me on here either, but that should be since I'm connecting from a private pod.
Is there some way to get a "network ping" of sorts done for topics? In other words, how to connect easier with people that love for instance?


Great post on #federated social networks for people who don't understand the difference to centralised networks like #Facebook and #Twitter. -

Feneas membership -

> Our mission is to do whatever we can to make the internet a more federated and decentralized place. We believe this is a healthier, more free internet. To do this we need not only funding but also volunteer effort.

#feneas #federation #fediverse #decentralization

worked stunningly beautiful on my test machine, but it's just not going to happen on my aging i386 for a while still.
Then I rediscovered container virtualisation and my first test of a small instance has gone up successfully! :-D
Now I just need to figure out the reverse proxy deal from the host side and whether federation would be feasible without heavy iptables NATing.

First #Socialhome to #ActivityPub side contact made 🎉

Follow etc not done yet, but working on that next!

Deactivated the bird account and deleted the app. Good fucking riddance

Auf den Strecken auf denen ich pendle brauch ich nicht vom Handy weggucken um zu sehen wo ich bin. Die Abfolge der Funklöcher ist sehr charakteristisch

So, within 3 days got , and set up in my home lab. 🤘
I am, however, not really sure they play together nicely yet. Are there any you can give of basic federation I could try between these 3? (where ActivityPub has matured enough)

Hier ein Bericht des über die drohende Einführung der Vorratsdatenspeicherung durch die Hintertür.

ARD-Chef: Wir brauchen eine Art europäisches Youtube mit Elementen von Facebook für den direkten Austausch mit den Nutzern sowie einer guten Suchfunktion – also ein Angebot, das von Youtube, Facebook und Google gelernt hat, aber auf europäischen Idealen von Vielfalt, Qualität und Offenheit aufbaut.“
Mag ihn irgendwer mit bekanntem Namen oder guten Kontakten auf Peertube und Mastodon hinweisen? 50 Millionen!

Fernsehabend am Sonntag mal ohne „Der Tatort“, dafür mit „Black Swan“ und der begnadeten Natalie Portman.
Ich bin aber schon leicht verstört... der Plot ist schon fies.

Mastodon is one server in the network