I have a #hubzilla instance up and running.

If you'd like to play around, PM me with an email address for an invite.

I'll respond when sent, then you'll likely need to check your spam folder.

This is a demo instance and I may need to blow it away as its on a cheapy VPS with limited resources.

Nor will I tolerate illegal materials. It's a test site, not a porn or hate server.

If you're good with those provisions, send me a DM. By invite only.


@laraby wie aufwending war denn die Installation so? Ich habe schon länger mit einer Hubzilla Instanz geliebäugelt um damit evtl. Diaspora und Friendica abzulösen.

@pete Sorry, i don't speak any german, but with the help of google translate, i figured out what you were asking.

I essentially followed the instructions here.


However, there is/are a cron job that's not mentioned there, but is here.


and here


they may both do the same thing, unsure but I added both anyway

ah dang, dreadfully sorry, for some inexplicable reason I thought you spoke german.
Thanks for going the extra mile translating my words and answering.

So do you know if Hubzilla has good ActivityPub support and cross-connect to Diaspora protocol?

I'll just try myself I guess - thanks! 🙂

@pete I've not worked with Diaspora, but there is a plugin for it.

Its worked well with mastodon, but you have to enable the "app" for activitypub, gnu social and diaspora in the apps section of your menu

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